Wound Awareness Week free webinars are for both members and non-members. The webinars will be of 30 minutes duration. See below for details. The webinars will be available to watch at your own time throughout the week once they are released on the specified dates below. Please register your interest to attend the webinars by filling out the form below.

WEBINAR 1 (23 AUGUST 2021)

DOT WEIR : Chronic, Hard-to-heal Wounds: Change the Trajectory – This session will address 5 top tips to redirect a stalled wound.

WEBINAR 2 (24 AUGUST 2021)

LUSI SHEEHAN: The truths and myths of wound care and how to look after your wound.

WEBINAR 3 (26 AUGUST 2021)

BILL MCGUINESS: Wounds that won’t heal – prevention and care. It is well recognised that some wounds take longer than expected time to heal. Indeed some never heal. But why? In the past attention has centred on the physiological causes. Whilst important, actions aimed at healing a wound need to encompass a wider repertoire. Let’s explore some of them in an effort to provide both the patient and the clinician with options to rid our society of the suffering and costs associated with slow to heal wounds.

WEBINAR 4 (27 AUGUST 2021)

JAN RICE: Skin an organ often forgotten!

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