Mr Templeman Suffered With A Chronic Wound For Most Of His Life Before He Finally Received The Correct Treatment

David Templeman lived unknowingly with a chronic wound for most of his life, after injuring his leg playing football in 1970.

Years after his injury, Mr Templeman underwent significant vascular surgery which he thought was successful until he started to get flare ups many years later. These flare ups were often caused by international and domestic travel, and resulted in fluid build ups under the skin.

During one of the flare ups Mr Templeman accidentally knocked the area which resulted in a wound. As the wound gradually increased in size, Mr Templeman realised he needed medical advice as his wound just wasn’t healing.

Mr Templeman saw wound expert Professor David Hardman in Canberra, ACT, who immediately started him on a course of compression therapy. By the time the 8 weeks of treatment was up the wound had completely cleared.

Mr Templeman was surprised about the lack of information on this sort of thing in the community. “I wish I knew to ask the question “is this a chronic wound?” said David.

“My one piece of advice is that you shouldn’t suffer in silence – if a wound doesn’t show signs of going away within 4 weeks, you need to treat it seriously and seek appropriate medical assistance.”