Every day, nearly half a million Australians suffer from a chronic wound with the cost of managing this close to $3billion annually. Despite this, wounds remain a silent epidemic. Wounds can affect people at any stage of life, however the most concerning are wounds that don’t heal, and go on to ulcerate, such as venous leg ulcers. However, these wounds are completely treatable with the right care from a healthcare professional who is up to date with evidence based, best practice treatment.


Often we think of wounds as sores or cuts, however non healing or chronic wounds are a serious health concern, affecting hundreds of thousands of people and costing our health system billions. One type of chronic wound is a leg ulcer. These wounds, on the lower leg, can start out as a small scratch and ulcerate and not heal. Some people have these wounds for years and years.

Over the past few decades, research and treatment into wounds has changed the way you should look after a chronic wound. For instance, healthcare professionals do not recommend letting your wound ‘dry out’ or expose to sunlight, as this actually slows and damages the healing process.

Wound Awareness Week was setup by Wounds Australia. Find out more what their organisation is doing for improving wound management here.