The Purpose

Wound Awareness Week 2021 (WAW21) is Wounds Australia’s most significant annual campaign to improve awareness of chronic wounds and influence wound management policy. WAW21 will be used to focus decision makers’ attention on the best ways to solve chronic wounds, and to:

  • make supportive policy announcements
  • create opportunities for Wounds Australia, and partner organisations, to highlight policy shortfalls and solutions.

The Objective

WAW21 will be a mainstream media and digital campaign. It will target awareness of chronic wounds among health care professionals and the general public, highlighting:

  • the extent of this hidden affliction
  • vulnerable cohorts most at risk
  • warning signs (pain, fluid, smell, over 30 days to heal)
  • treatment options
  • where to go for education and resources.

It will also improve decision makers’ awareness of the economic and social cost of chronic wounds.

The Theme

The solution is bleeding obvious

Attention grabbing, commonly used colloquial language: it makes target audiences pay attention to campaign messages.

The theme directly translates to actions required for each target audience to address chronic wounds.

Campaign Engagement

Political Advocacy: Attracting Federal and State Health Minister/Shadow Ministers.

Media Engagement: Mainstream broadcast, print media, online media, health representative organisation and peak body publications.

Industry Engagement: Opportunities to provide input to Wounds Australia’s advocacy and campaign planning and showcase wound care innovation in mainstream media.

Member Engagement: Email marketing, social media (including user generated content), media releases, animation videos, merchandise, competitions, resources and webinars.

Target Audiences

The theme directly translates to actions required for each target audience to address chronic wounds:

  • Health professionals: Clinicians have the expertise to help their patients; Wounds Australia provides resources for members to grow their knowledge about treating and preventing chronic wounds
  • Decision makers: Wounds Australia is the authoritative voice for delivering solutions to Australia’s chronic wound problems
  • General public: With the right treatment, a chronic wound can be healed