Wounds Australia is calling on the Australian Government to take action and reduce the out of pocket costs of wound care.

During Wound Awareness Week, which runs from 16 to 20 October, Wounds Australia will draw much needed attention to the cost of chronic wounds. Few people are aware that chronic wounds are a serious health issue, impacting nearly half a million Australians a day and costing the health system $3 billion annually. The number of sufferers, and associated costs is expected to soar due to Australia’s ageing population, as older people aged 65+ are most at risk.

The cost to Australians with a chronic wound can be as much as $340 a month, and some wounds take months or even years to heal, leading to people spending thousands of dollars
on wound treatment.

“The financial cost of chronic wounds is significant – it can be thousands of dollars in out of pocket costs. Often the people facing these costs are on the aged pension or fixed incomes. The result is that they can’t afford to get the right treatment” said Wounds Australia CEO, Anne Buck.

“Without access to treatment and wound care products, the length of time a wound takes to heal and the risk of complications increases. Wounds Australia believes strategies such as a subsidy program for venous leg ulcer compression therapy are needed.”

“This will save money and lives in the long run.” Ms Buck said. Studies have shown that the cost of treatment for one very common type of wounds, venous leg ulcers, can be reduced by almost 50% if all patients can access best practice treatment. During Wound Awareness Week 2017, Wounds Australia continues to urge the Government to take address the out of pocket costs associated with chronic wounds, and enable them to receive evidence based treatment.