Wound Awareness Week free webinars are for both members and non-members. See below for details. The webinars will be available to watch at your own time throughout the week once they are released on the specified dates below.

RELEASE DATE: 17 AUGUST 2020  I  Our new reality working in COVID-19 World – by Hayley Ryan (Clinical Nurse Consultant, Wound Management)

As the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to evolve staying vigilant and avoiding complacency is a must to protect our patients, our colleagues and ourselves. With this the pandemic can become the focus and business as usual for wound management can be altered. This presentation will look at the shift in business as usual requirements, how to re-shape our mindsets to still focus on wound management and the impact this can have on patients and staff. A focus on pressure injuries to patients but also staff from the use of PPE will also be discussed. Finally some prevention strategies and potential opportunities will be highlighted.

RELEASE DATE: 19 AUGUST 2020  I  Venous Leg Ulcers – by Frank Guerriero (Nurse Practitioner)

There are an estimated 48,000 people afflicted with venous leg ulcers in the Australia population, with treatment costing approximately AUD$120 million a year. Timely diagnosis, intervantion and treatment is imperative to a successful healing outcome in this high-cost health care burden. In this presentation Frank aims to provide clinicians with a succint summary of venous leg ulcer aetiology, pathophysiology, common signs & symptoms and treatment pathways.

RELEASE DATE: 21 AUGUST 2020  I  What’s so bad about callus? – by Jane Bowden (Podiatrist)

This presentation will use current best practice evidence for preventing and managing diabetes related foot disease with the aim to increase clinicians confidence in assessing and treating these complex medical presentations. It will consider the role of podiatry in wound management. There will be a focus on the pathogenesis of foot wounds and clinicians will find out what is so bad about callus.

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